Minga Cabrera, Peru

The Coffee

Minga Cabrera, Peru from Madcap Coffee Company

Minga Cabrera Peru from Madcap Coffee Company
Minga Cabrera Peru from Madcap Coffee Company
RegionLa Coipa, San Ignacio
Farmer(s)Milciades Minga and Irene Cabrera
Varietal(s)Caturra, Bourbon

From the Roaster:

...some of the cherries go through what northern Peruvians call ‘cereza.’ This is when the coffee cherry is picked and then rested for 24 hours before it is depulped. This step increases the depth of flavor and the overall sweetness in the cup.

The Review


Beneath a layer of raw almonds and brown sugar lies small hints of what might be: first, a tiny hint of some fresh fruit and then a more vegetal note, like mild basil. The overall effect is at once an invitation of comfort and excitement of something new.


A light body cascades onto the palate carrying with it a white wine acidity accompanied by some sort of brown sugar laden custard. The lightly fruited acidity and sweet dessert-like vibe melts away into a light cigar smoke which very slowly leaves the palate. It's like sitting in a cigar bar while sipping a Sauvignon Blanc and nibbling Crème Brûlée. As the coffee cools, the white wine begins to takeover the show which in turn, gives the light body a delightful silky quality


With Peruvian coffees I always hope for an elegant statement -- a big, clean coffee dazzled with interesting dessert notes (sugars, nuts, chocolate). The description of Minga Cabrera as a "fruit-forward" coffee did nothing to quell such expectations. The nose on the coffee made me think I knew exactly what I was getting. It was somehow pure and adventurous. What I found in the cup though was different experience. It was less like experiencing art and more like a mostly enjoyable weekend afternoon despite a few distracting text messages from work . The body was a little underwhelming at first and the roast characteristics a bit heavy handed perhaps, but overall it was enjoyable.

Grab some Minga Cabrera, Peru from Madcap Coffee Company for yourself.

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